3 Cool Projects & Hustles I’m Starting With AI & No-Code




Within the last year AI has made leaps and bounds in progress. I’ve been looking at the different projects for a few months now and I’ve seen the whole place flipped on it’s head several times.

AI art winning art contests, making ‘commissions’, causing a stir in art communities.

(meanwhile producers and musicians are eagerly waiting for their AI breakthrough.)

AI writing tools giving high school kids the ability to cheat on a whole new level.

Analytics translation tools that help businesses optimise without the need for data scientists

(and making the process easier for data scientists if they eventually need them).

Naturally we must assume that all ideas are likely to fail, but let’s see which of them will actually work.

I’m taking each of these on in bursts of threes over the next three months. They’re all relatively simple and low cost to keep the projects manageable.

Cover Art

A store for AI Generated album, single and book covers.

A couple of fields that always need interesting art, music and coaching.

Album art and book covers are probably the best place to start, it uses the least amount of energy and effort out of the three and can be done on my own.

Creative Agency

Creating AI Generated Assets for brands, products, merch and POD stores.

From logos to copy, providing a complete solution for businesses and individuals.

This one requires more creativity and effort. Implementation can vary greatly.

KDP for Kids & Productivity

Amazon KDP, Mid & High Content Books

The hardest and most time consuming, but also has the most upside.

Creating stories with ChatGPT, images with Stable Diffusion and putting that together with Canva or Photopea. Simple enough.

The challenge is the quantity. GPT-3 can churn out as many stories as I want while Stable Diffusion is only limited by the compute or platform tokens.

The bottleneck is me, having to reconstruct all these ideas as a full story with Gimp, Inkscape or Photopea.

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