Update on AI Money Generator




A little known fact about the AI space are opportunities available for the public.

There are so many ways to make money from the AI gold rush and there’s plenty of ways to earn your share.

Sell ‘Shovels’

Community GPU services are popping up everywhere, people with a high-grade GPU can rent them out to a community cloud companies like Vast.ai and Runpod.

Where people like me will gladly pay you to generate a couple hundred dozen images with Stable Diffusion.

Challenge Update

The Cover Store: Oversaturated/Out

Controversial book cover generated by AI.

This required a little more finicky work, including getting into Upwork bidding wars. 🚶🏾‍♂️

Safe to say the saturation and low barrier to entry in this, project bound it backfire on itself at some point.

Creative Agency: Boutique Creative Tech Agency/All-In

This is the project I’m doubling down on. There’s plenty of room to explore and discover interesting and lucrative opportunities.

I’m going to kick this one off with the next challenge project, it should get interesting with the latest advances in LLMs.

KDP for Kids?

Yeah… this exact idea really wouldn’t have worked for me. The stories and workflow are so simple that I feel like they’ll be the same saturation problem as the Cover Store.

My Solution: A Graphic Universe

AI Anime: ROCK, PAPER, SCISSORS by Corridor Crew

It called Elementary Studios and I’ll be working on some characters, sets and stories.

With recent updates from Corridor Crew’s AI Anime: ROCK, PAPER, SCISSORS.

My writing hand got itchy and I got to work on some concepts.

I don’t want to say to much about it just yet. What I will say is that the possibilities with this are crazy.

What’s Next:

More experiments and research, the landscape is always changing so it’s good to stay updated on what can be implemented.

I’m keeping my eyes peeled and I’m working on some ideas to get the ball rolling on these projects.

Stay tuned for the official release of the project: Elementary Studios by Lifehouse Labs

I’ll be releasing updates on my newsletter every Sunday with the new tasks for the week ahead and milestones we’ve reached.

I’ll also release a full case study of the process and experience for further review and future reference.

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